2016 SESAPS Conference, Charlottesville VA

from Wednesday, 9 November 2016 (16:00) to Saturday, 12 November 2016 (13:32)

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Wednesday, 9 November 2016
Thursday, 10 November 2016
Friday, 11 November 2016
Saturday, 12 November 2016
07:30 --- Registration ---
A1. Astrophysics I, Invited Talks (until 10:30) (West Ballroom)
08:30  APOGEE: A New Look at the Structure, Dynamics and Evolution of the Milky Way - Steve Majewski (University of Virginia)  
09:00  High Resolution Studies of Star Formation in the Milky Way - Laura Fissel (NRAO)  
09:30  Probing Extreme Star Formation in the Local Universe with ALMA - Kelsey Johnson (University of Virginia)  
10:00  High redshift star formation and the assembly of the Hubble sequence - Duncan Farrah (Virginia Tech)  
A2. Cond. Matter I, Invited Talks (until 10:30) (Salon C)
08:30  Multiscale modeling of salt-responsive polyelectrolyte morphologies - Yaroslava G. Yingling (NCSU)  
09:00  Isotropic-Nematic Behaviour of Semiflexible Polymers in the Bulk and under Confinement - Sergei Egorov (University of Virginia)  
09:30  Multiscale Modeling in the Development of Light Weight, High Strength Carbon Nanotube Composites for Space Applications - Kristopher E. Wise (NASA Langley)  
10:00  Mesoscopic Simulations of Mechanical and Thermal Transport Properties of Carbon Nanotube Films - Alexey Volkov (University of Alabama)  
A3. Jlab and TUNL Physics, Invited Talks (until 10:30) (Monroe Room)
08:30  Latest results from the GlueX experiment - Mark Dalton (Jefferson Lab)  
09:00  Upcoming Solid Polarized Target Experiments at JLAB and TUNL - Dustin Keller (University of Virginia)  
09:30  Parity Violating Electron Scattering at JLab: The MOLLER Experiment - Paul King (Ohio University)  
10:00  The Weird Chemistry of Globular Cluster - Nuclear Physics to the Rescue? - Arthur Champagne (University of North Carolina and Triangle Universities Nuclear Laboratory)  
A4: Condensed Matter Physics at ORNL and the National Magnetic Field Laboratory, Invited Talks (until 10:30) (Preston Room)
08:30  Microscopic structure of Er-optical centers in GaN epilayers by high magnetic fields - Vinh Nguyen (Virginia Tech)  
09:00  Evidence for impact ionization in vanadium dioxide - Stephen McGill (National High Magnetic Field Laboratory)  
09:30  Probing Giant Magnetic Anisotropies in Molecular Nanomagnets Using Very High-Field EPR - Stephen Hill (National High Magnetic Field Laboratory)  
10:00  Probing Electronic Properties of Defects and Boundaries in Low-Dimensional Materials. - An-Ping Li (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)  
10:30 --- Coffee Break ---
B1: Astrophysics I, Contributed Talks (until 12:45) (West Ballroom)
10:45  Distinct Metal-Poor Populations in the Milky Way Seen by APOGEE - Christian Hayes  
10:50  Exploring the Evolutionary Stages of Massive Star Formation - Mengyao Liu  
11:05  The ALMA View of Dense Molecular Gas in 30 Doradus - Lauren Bittle  
11:20  Galactic Winds Driven by Supernovae and Radiation Pressure - Dong Zhang  
11:35  The Star Formation in Radio Survey (SFRS): Multi-Band VLA Imaging for 50 Nearby Star-Forming Galaxies in SINGS/KINGFISH - Sean Linden  
11:50  The Distribution of Star Formation in Interacting Dwarf Galaxies - Sandra Liss  
12:05  The efficiency of star formation in the Antennae galaxies - Allison Matthews  
12:20  Probing the distant Universe with ALMA and gravitational lensing - Catherine Vlahakis  
B2: Cond. Matter I, Contributed Talks (until 12:45) (Salon C)
10:45  Spin torque nano-oscillator achieved with point contact current injection - Xueyuan She  
10:57  Spin-torque switching in large size nano-magnet with perpendicular magnetic fields. - Linqiang Luo  
11:09  Temperature Evolation Of Quasi-One Demensional C$_{\mathrm{60}}$ Nanostructures On Rippled Graphene - Chuanhui Chen  
11:21  Length scale dependence of the thermal conductivity accumulation in nanograined Si-Ge alloys - Long Chen  
11:33  High Excitation Density Effects in Plasmonic GaAs-AlGaAs-GaAs Core-Shell Nanowires. - Masoud Kaveh-Baghbadorani  
11:45  Self-assembly of Polyelectrolyte-coated Nanoparticles - Chengyuan Wen  
11:57  Electrospray-assisted carbon nano tube deposition on aluminum without a binding agent - Subhodip Maulik  
12:09  Molecular Dynamics Modeling of Carbon Nanotube Composite Fracture using ReaxFF - Benjamin Jensen  
12:21  Effect of Carbon Nanomaterials Embedded in a Cementitious Matrix - Clarissa Roe  
B3: Jefferson Lab Physics, Contributed Talks (until 12:45) (Monroe Room)
10:45  Polarized Electron Source for the MOLLER Experiment - Caryn Palatchi  
11:00  A New Strangeness Fit to World Parity-Violating Electron Scattering Data - Benjamin Gilbert  
11:15  Experimental study of the $^3$He and neutron spin structure at low $Q^2$ using a polarized $^3$He target - Nguyen Ton  
11:30  Predictions for 5.02A TeV Pb$+$Pb Collisions from A Multi-Phase Transport Model - Zi-Wei Lin  
12:00  Calculation of coalescence parameters in Monte Carlo models - Tony Perez  
12:15  Photomultiplier gain versus high voltage measurements for the SuperBigBite spectrometer electronic calorimeter. - William Shaver  
B4: Condensed Matter Physics at ORNL and the National Magnetic Field Laboratory, Contributed Talks (until 12:45) (Preston Room)
10:45  Identification of Ion-Pair Structures in Solution by Vibrational Stark Effects - John Hack  
11:00  Droplet Dynamics of a Flowing Emulsion System in a Narrow Channel - Olivia Cypull  
11:15  Polyelectrolyte Complexes in Solution: A Molecular Dynamics Study - Yanfei Tang  
11:30  Bubble Shape and Stress Induced Rearrangements in a Bubble Raft - Brian Seymour  
11:45  Conduit Bound Sound Propagation Separation Model - Ken McGill  
12:00  Atomistic simulations of laser ablation of metals in liquid environment - Cheng-Yu Shih  
12:45 --- Lunch ---
F1: Astrophysics II, Invited Talks (until 10:30) (West Ballroom)
08:30  NASA's New Horizons Mission: To Pluto and Beyond - Anne Verbiscer (University of Virginia)  
09:00  Molecular Escape from Planetary Atmospheres: Insights from Cassini (Titan) and New Horizons (Pluto) - O.J. Tucker (University of Michigan)  
09:30  The Remarkable Proto-planetary Disk HL Tau: Watching the Formation of Planets - Crystal Brogan (National Radio Astronomy Observatory)  
10:00  The Super-Earths and their Challenge to Planet Formation Theories - Jonathan Tan (University of Florida)  
F2: Cond. Matter III, Invited Talks (until 10:30) (Salon C)
08:30  Novel approach for high ZT Thermoelectric Materials - Helmut Baumgart (Old Dominion University)  
09:00  Potential of Layered Materials for Thermionic Devices: a First-principles Study - Keivan Esfarjani (University of Virginia)  
09:30  Nanoscale Thermal Transport in Polymers - Zhiting Tian (Virginia Tech)  
10:00  Donor doped cadmium oxide: An extreme-mobility oxide conductor - Jon-Paul Maria (North Carolina State University)  
F3: Tests of the Standard Model, Invited Talks (until 10:30) (Monroe Room)
08:30  Charged lepton flavor violation and Mu2e experiment - Seog Oh (Duke University)  
09:00  Precision Muon Experiments and the Standard Model. - Tim Gorringe (University of Kentucky)  
09:30  On Neutron Beta Decay Experiments, nEDM, and n-n\_bar Searches - Albert Young (NC State)  
10:00  On NN Weak Interaction Experiments, Searches for T-violation - David Bowman (Oak Ridge National Lab)  
F4: Atomic, Molecular, and Atomic Physics, Invited Talks (until 10:30) (Preston Room)
08:30  Record-scale Entanglement of Quantum Fields for Measurement-based Quantum Computing - Olivier Pfister (University of Virginia)  
09:00  The World's Smallest Extreme Laboratories: Probing QED with Highly Charged Ions. - Joan Marler (Clemson University)  
09:30  Multi-coincidence Imaging the Disssociative States of the H20 Dication - Allen Landers (Auburn University)  
10:00  Quantum Information with Trapped Ions - Ken Brown (Georgia Tech)  
10:30 --- Coffee Break ---
G1: Astrophysics II, Contributed Talks (until 12:45) (West Ballroom)
10:45  Polarized radiation from disks - Haifeng Yang  
11:00  Direct comparison of hydrodynamic and kinetic models for thermal escape problems - Alexey Volkov  
11:15  A Model of the H$\alpha$ Transmission Spectrum of HD 189733b - Chenliang Huang  
11:30  Combing the Brown Dwarf Desert with APOGEE - Nicholas Troup  
11:45  Tidal Interaction among Red Giants Close Binary Systems in APOGEE Database - Meng Sun  
12:00  Long-term radio observations of varying orbital parameters in six eclipsing pulsar binaries. - Brian Prager  
G2: Cond. Matter III, Contributed Talks (until 12:45) (Salon C)
10:45  Parallel Upper Critical Field Slope in Niobium Thin Films: Comparison to Theory - Phillip Broussard  
10:57  Experimental and Modeling Study of Thickness Dependence of Amorphous TbFeCo Compensation - Xiaopu Li  
11:09  Mircomagnetic Simulation of Ferrimagnetic TbFeCo Films with Exchange Coupled Nanophases. - Chung Ma  
11:21  Relaxation dynamics of interacting skyrmions in thin films - Bart Brown  
11:33  Photostructural changes as a function of photon energy and intensity in thermally deposited As-S thin films - Justin Oelgoetz  
11:45  Selective Electroless Nickel Deposition on PMMA using Chloroform Pre-Treatment - Nicholas Sipes  
11:57  Laser Shock Wave Assisted Patterning on NiTi Shape Memory Alloy Surfaces - Byron Grant  
12:09  Surface characterization of pipeline surface using replica techniques - Hamza Shams  
12:21  Studying Crystalline Morphology and Texture of Small Molecule Organic Semiconductor Thin Films Using Polarized Optical Microscopy, Grazing-Incidence X-Ray Diffraction and Fluid Dynamics - Nan Yang  
G3: Tests of the Standard Model, Contributed Talks (until 12:45) (Monroe Room)
10:45  An Investigation of Light Ion Production from Coalescence in Nuclear Collisions - Wouter de Wet  
11:00  Measuring the after pulsing of photomultiplier tubes. - Eric Moeller  
11:15  Measuring the relative quantum efficiency of photomultiplier tubes. - William Kemmerer  
11:30  A Proton Radius Puzzle? - Blaine Norum  
11:45  Probe of Electroweak Interference Effects in Non-Resonant Inelastic $\vec{e}p$ Scattering - James Dowd  
12:00  Precision measurement of longitudinal and transverse response function of quasielastic electron scattering in the momentum transfer range 0.55 GeV/c $\leq |\vec{q}| \leq$ 1.0 GeV/c - Kai Jin  
12:15  Neutron Beta Decay Studies in the Nab Experiment - Jason Fry  
12:30  Background studies for neutron beta decay experiments - Noah Birge  
G4: Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics, Contributed Talks (until 12:45) (Preston Room)
10:45  An experimental determination of quantum defects of ng and nh series for Rb - Jeonghun Lee  
10:57  Dipole-dipole Resonance Line Shapes in a Cold Rydberg Gas - B.G. Richards  
11:09  Observed cyclotron structure in photodetachment to excited states of the O atom - John Yukich  
11:21  Measurements of radially and temporally distributed laser-induced plasma parameters - Ghaneshwar Gautam  
11:33  Phase dependent excitation of Rydberg states in static fields. - Eric Magnuson  
11:45  Characterizing the perturbed 6snd series of Ytterbium using MW spectroscopy - Fathima Niyaz  
11:57  High-precision measurements of the $^{87}$Rb vector polarizability - Adam Fallon  
12:09  Tomographic characterization of an atom trapping potential - Edward Moan  
12:21  Characterization of nano-level coefficient of friction of oleophobic and superhydrophobic coatings on 316L SS in harsh conditions - Hamza Shams  
12:45 --- Lunch ---
L1: Astrophysics III, Invited Talks (until 10:30) (West Ballroom)
08:30  The Advanced LIGO Instrument, Its First Science Run and Gravitational Wave Detections - Anamaria Effler (Caltech, LIGO Livingston)  
09:00  Results from the first Advanced LIGO observing run and their astrophysical implications - Tyson Littenberg (NASA/MSFC)  
09:30  The State of Gravitational Wave Detection with Pulsar Timing Arrays - Scott Ransom (NRAO)  
10:00  The LISA Pathfinder: Results and Implications for LISA - Jacob Slutsky (GSFC & UM Balt. County)  
L2: Cond. Matter V, Invited Talks (until 10:30) (Salon C)
08:30  Record Dynamics: Direct Experimental Evidence from Jammed Colloids - Stefan Boettcher (Emory University)  
09:00  Non-equilibrium Relaxation of Driven Topological Defects - Uwe Tauber (Virginia Tech)  
09:30  Metastability and Instability in a Model Spin-crossover Material: Free-energy Landscapes Explored by a Constrained Wang-Landau Monte Carlo Method - Per Rikvold (Florida State University)  
10:00  Noise-induced Transitions in Bistable Electronic Systems - Stephen Teitsworth (Duke University)  
L3: Cond. Matter VII, Invited Talks (until 10:30) (Monroe Room)
08:30  High Field Magneto-Optical Studies of Ferromagnetic InMnSb and InMnAs: Spin-Orbit-Split Hole Bands and g-Factors - Giti A. Khodaparast (Virginia Tech)  
09:00  Amorphous Magnetic Films - Joseph Poon (University of Virginia)  
09:30  Magnetism in Nanosystems - Jian Zhou (VCU)  
10:00  From materials to circuits: Multiscale modeling of nano-magnetic switches - Avik Ghosh (University of Virginia)  
L4: Physics Education, Invited Talks (until 10:55) (Preston Room)
08:30  Smartphones in Labs Don't Have to Be "Black Boxes" - Colleen Countryman (North Carolina State University)  
09:00  A New IPLS Course: From Design to Dissemination. - David P. Smith (University of North Carolina)  
09:30  Introductory Sequence Reform at James Madison University - Scott Paulson (James Madison University)  
10:00  Nanobiophysics for First-Year Non-Majors - Michael Falvo (University of North Carolina)  
10:30  Efficient Generation and Use of Power Series for Broad Application. - Joseph Rudmin  
10:30 --- Coffee Break ---
M1: Astrophysics III, Contributed Talks (until 12:45) (West Ballroom)
10:45  Pulsar Timing Arrays Beyond the Isotropic Stochastic GW Background - Dustin Madison  
10:58  Probing Neutron Star Physics with NANOGrav and Other Millisecond Pulsars - H. Thankful Cromartie  
11:11  Large scale data analysis in pursuit of gravitational waves - Vladimir Dergachev  
11:24  Measurement of Quasi Normal Modes for a population of Binary Black Hole Mergers - Carlos Filipe Da Silva Costa  
11:37  Submillimeter water megamasers in nearby AGNs - Dominic Pesce  
11:50  Heuristic Derivation of Black Hole Properties Using Dimensional Analysis - Kale Oyedeji  
12:03  The Viability of Phantom Dark Energy as a Quantum Field in 1st-Order FLRW Space - Kevin Ludwick  
12:16  Conservative Transformation Group: Geometry of the Quantum? - Edward Green  
12:29  Geometry of the Conservative Transformation Group: Reformulation of a covariant derivative for tensors, spin tensors and spinors and a theory of mass. - Edward Green  
M2: Cond. Matter V, Contributed Talks: Statistical and Nonlinear Systems (until 12:45) (Salon C)
10:45  Flux line dynamics following current quenches in disordered type-II superconductors1 - Harshwardhan Chaturvedi  
10:57  The effect of particle shape on granular flow - Eli Owens  
11:09  Aging properties of Voter models - Ahmadreza Azizi  
11:21  Evaporation of Water in Hydrophobic Confinement - Mohsen Ghasemi  
11:33  Aging in a system composed of Kuramoto oscillators - Shadi Esmaeili  
11:45  Ligand-receptor binding kinetics in surface plasmon resonance cells: A Monte Carlo analysis - Jacob Carroll  
11:57  A numerical study of coarsening in the two-dimensional complex Ginzburg-Landau equation - Weigang Liu  
12:09  Computational study of a multi-species predator-prey system in the presence of mutation and natural selection - Sheng Chen  
12:21  A Field-Theoretic Analysis Of A Cyclic Predator-Prey System (May-Leonard Model) - Shannon R. Serrao  
16:00 --- Registration ---
"The Accelerating Universe" (until 21:00)
C1: Energy Frontier, Invited Talks (until 15:30) (West Ballroom)
13:30  Recent Results from the CMS Experiment - Guenakh Mitselmakher (University of Florida)  
14:00  [CANCELED] Understanding the Universe at the LHC: an ATLAS Perspective - Mark Kruse (Duke University)  
14:30  Recent Results from Belle - Leo Piilonen (Virginia Tech)  
15:00  Supersymmetry: A Report from the Front - Harrison Prosper (Florida State University)  
C2: Cond. Matter II, Invited Talks (until 15:30) (Salon C)
13:30  Conductance of a superconducting Coulomb blockade nanowire at finite temperature - Ching-Kai Chiu (University of Maryland)  
14:00  Spin filtering using PN junctions in topological insulators - Avik Ghosh (University of Virginia)  
14:30  Topological strings and fractional pumping in superconductors - Jeffrey Teo (University of Virginia)  
15:00  Unconventional superconductivity in bilayer transition metal dichalcogenides - Chaoxing Liu (Pennsylvania State University)  
C3: Cond. Matter VI, Invited Talks (until 15:30) (Monroe Room)
13:30  Magnetic States in Singlet-Triplet Superconducting Heterostructures - Ilya Vekhter (Louisiana State University)  
14:00  Entanglement Control of Superconducting Qubits - Sophia Economou (Virginia Tech)  
14:30  Vortex States in a Non-Abelian Magnetic Field - Predrag Nikolic (George Mason University)  
15:00  [CANCELED] Spatial inhomogeneities in the Fe chalcogenide superconductors - Despina Louca (University of Virginia)  
C4: Applied Physics, Contributed Talks (until 15:30) (Preston Room)
13:30  Atomistic Investigation of the Effect of Crystallographic Orientation on Laser-Induced Generation of Crystal Defects in Metals - Maxim Shugaev  
13:45  Graphene quantum dot synthesis using nanosecond laser pulses - Khomidkhodzha Kholikov  
14:00  Laser Induced Hydrogen Generation from Coal in Water - Dovletgeldi Seyitliyev  
14:15  Computational Modeling and Advanced Synthesis Techniques for the Improved Design of ZSM-5 Zeolite Catalysts - Arian Ghorbanpour  
14:30  Evaluation of Bond Strength with Opto-Acoustic Method - Takumi Kamimura  
14:45  Acoustic Investigation of Buried Objects - William Grismore  
15:00  Experiments on Levitation with the Electrodynamic Wheel - Angel Gutarra-leon  
15:15  Refinement of Production Grade Biodiesel. - Ken McGill  
15:30 --- Coffee Break ---
D1: Energy Frontier, Contributed Talks (until 17:45) (West Ballroom)
15:45  The search for 'mirror' fermions with distinguished signatures at the 13 TeV LHC - Shreyashi Chakdar  
15:57  A search for supersymmetry in all-hadronic final states using top tager with the CMS detector at the LHC - Yagya Joshi  
16:09  Measuring the top-Higgs coupling at CMS - Evan Wolfe  
16:21  Muonic Dark Boson Search at the BABAR Experiment - Romulus Godang  
16:33  Soft-gluon Corrections for tZ Production Via Anomalous Couplings - Jordon Tyler Campbell  
16:45  Anomalous Signal Reduction in the CMS ECAL Trigger - Gage DeZoort  
16:57  Description of the Fermilab Mu2e CRV QA/QC Hardware Database - Charles Jenkins  
17:09  Multivariate Jet Calibration Using Neural Networks - Dayton Grogan  
17:21  Analysis of Performance of a Radiation-Hard, Highly-Segmented Shashlik Electromagnetic Calorimeter in the CERN H4 Testbeam - Eric Culbertson  
D2: Metamagnetism, Invited Talks (until 17:45) (Salon C)
15:45  Mott Transition Sensitive to External Stimuli in Ruthenates - Zhiqiang Mao (Tulane University)  
16:15  Harnessing the f-electron valence in ThCr$_{\mathrm{2}}$Si$_{\mathrm{2}}$-type compounds - Ryan Baumbach (National High Magnetic Field Laboratory)  
16:45  Unusual Magnetic-Pressure Response of an $S=1$ Antiferromagnetic Linear-Chain near the $D/J \approx 1$ Critical Point $^{\ast}$ - Mark W. Meisel (University of Florida)  
17:15  Metamagnetism in Heavy Electron Materials and Correlated Oxides - Bellave Shivaram (University of Virginia)  
D3: Cond. Matter VI, Contributed Talks (until 17:45) (Monroe Room)
15:45  Impurity Solubility in Zn II-VI Semiconductors - D.A. Barlow  
16:00  Computational Analysis of Magnetic Molecules - Jared Singleton  
16:15  Low temperature TE properties of BiSb with magnetic field - Sheng Gao  
16:30  Positively Charged Muonium Diffusion in In$_{\mathrm{2}}$O$_{\mathrm{3}}$ - Brittany Baker  
16:45  Strain induced enhancement of magnetoresistance in Weyl semimetal MoTe$_{\mathrm{2}}$. - Junjie Yang  
17:00  Development of a Gas Plasma-Based THz Time-Domain Spectrometer for the 25 T Split Florida Helix Magnet System - A.D. Burch  
D4: Astronomy, Contributed Talks (until 17:45) (Preston Room)
15:45  Rotation of the polarization vector from distant radio galaxies in the perturbed FRW metric - Sankha Subhra Chakrabarty  
16:00  Estakhr's Continuum Astrophysics, Big Bang's Hydrodynamics and Turbulence (Fluid dynamics nature of Big Bang's remnant) - Ahmad Reza Estakhr  
16:15  Cosmic Ray Muons in the Standard Model of Fundamental Particles - Cioli Barazandeh  
16:30  The Range of a Potential - Ronal Mickens  
16:45  Counterfactual History is Consistent with Physics - Charmayne Patterson  
16:57  Dark Astronomical Compact Objects in Inflationary Dark Matter Model - Dat Duong  
17:30 --- Happy Hour, Sponsored by the Center for Open Science ---
Executive Committee Meeting (until 18:45) (Preston Room)
Banquet (until 22:00)
19:30  Gravitational waves in the southeast - Joe Giaime (Observatory Head, LIGO Livingston (Caltech), Professor of Physics and Astronomy (LSU))  
H1: Intensity Frontier, Invited Talks (until 15:30) (West Ballroom)
13:30  Update on Neutrino Astrophysics - Tom Weiler (Vanderbilt University)  
14:00  Review of Long-Baseline Neutrino Experiments - Thomas Kutter (Louisiana State University)  
14:30  Quest for the Nature of the Neutrino - Reyco Henning (University of North Carolina)  
15:00  The Supernova Neutrino Burst - JJ Cherry (Virginia Tech)  
H2: Cond. Matter IV, Invited Talks (until 15:30) (Salon C)
13:30  Interfacial Engineering and Characterization in Polar/Non-Polar Oxide Heterostructures - Ryan Comes (Auburn University)  
14:00  Local Probe Investigation of Interfaces in 2D Materials - Chenggang Tao (Virginia Tech)  
14:30  Designing interfaces for Spin Injection into Organic Molecular Solids: A Surface Science Approach - Daniel Dougherty (NC State)  
15:00  Exploring Pd adsorption, diffusion, and nucleation on bilayer SiO$_{\mathrm{2}}$/Ru as a function of hydroxylation and precursor environment: From UHV to catalyst preparation - William Kaden (University of Central Florida)  
H3: Hot and Cold QCD, Invited Talks (until 15:30) (Monroe Room)
13:30  Results from ALICE - Christine Nattrass (University of Tennessee)  
14:00  Solving QCD on a Computer - David Richards (Jefferson Lab)  
14:30  Recent Results and Status of PHENIX - Megan Connors (Georgia State University)  
H4: Hadronic Physics, Invited Talks (until 15:30) (Preston Room)
13:30  Comparison of the F2 Structure Function in Iron as Measured by Charged Lepton and Neutrino Probes - Narbe Kalantarians (Virginia Union University)  
14:00  Understanding Hadronization from SIDIS - Osvaldo Gonzalez Hernandez (Old Dominion University and Jefferson Lab)  
14:30  Large-x Structure Function Data from Jefferson Lab - Peter Monaghan (Jefferson Lab)  
15:00  Measuring the Transverse Proton Structure with SoLID - Tianbo Liu  
15:30 --- Coffee Break ---
J1: Intensity Frontier, Contributed Talks (until 17:45) (West Ballroom)
15:45  Pion Charge Exchange Cross Section on Liquid Argon - Kevin Nelson  
16:00  Geant4 Monte Carlo Simulations of PEN Experiment - Charles Glaser  
16:15  [CANCELED] Comparison of two methods of parallelizing GEANT4 on beowulf computer cluster - Seth Hulsey  
16:30  Simulations and Fitting Methods in the Nab Experiment - Wenjiang Fan  
16:45  Developing a Shielding Model for the n, n-bar Experimental Beamline at the European Spallation Source - Caleb Redding  
17:00  Initial studies of GaInP based Geiger mode APD arrays - Victoria Kovalchuk  
17:15  Performance characteristics of GaInP based Geiger mode APD arrays - Grace Cummings  
J2: Technologies in Particle Physics and Astronomy, Invited Talks (until 17:45) (Salon C)
15:45  New Trends in Micro Pattern Gaseous Detectors (MPGDs) - Kondo Gnanvo (University of Virginia)  
16:15  Features and applications of LAr TPC chambers - Mike Kordosky (William and Mary)  
16:45  Silicon Photomultipliers in Astroparticle Experiments - Nepomik Otte (Georgia Tech)  
17:15  From milliKelvin to MegaKelvin: Probing the hot universe with cool detectors - Tarek Saab (University of Florida)  
J3: Nuclear Physics in the SE, Contributed Talks (until 17:45) (Monroe Room)
15:45  Systematic Uncertainties of the Firez Interference Term in the Free Neutron Beta Decay of the Nab Experiment - Huangxing Li  
16:15  Study of Polarized $^3$He Performance in Tokamak Fuel Pellets - Jie Liu  
16:30  Effect of Thermal Treatment on Electrical Properties of CZT Detectors - Jonathan Lassiter  
16:45  Searching for the Impetus of the EMC Effect. - Jason Bane  
17:00  Design and Simulation of a Polarized Pure Photon Source for Compton Scattering from Solid Polarized Targets - Donal Day  
17:15  The model of complex structure of fundamental body and hadron - Rongwu Liu  
17:30  Polarized Drell-Yan Experiments - Gonaduwage Perera  
J4: Women in Physics, Invited Talks (until 17:45) (NEW LOCATION: Downtown business center, suite 225)
15:45  A Career in Physics: The Importance of Mentoring - Gail Dodge (Old Dominion University)  
16:09  The (quasi? pseudo?) Random Walk of a Woman Physicist on Wall Street - Stefania Perrucci (Turner Investments)  
16:33  ATLAS and Nut - Ayana Arce (Duke University)  
16:57  Life of a medical physicist - Krishni Wijesooriya  
17:21  TBD - Gabriela Gonzalez (LSU)  
Poster Session (until 19:15) (Salon B)
17:45  3D Printing of Plastic Scintillators - Emily Vanderwolf  
17:45  A Polarimetric Approach for Constraining the Dynamic Foreground Spectrum for the Cosmological Global 21-cm Measurement - Bang Nhan  
17:45  A QCD Model of the Chemical Potential Kaon Boundary Formation for a Compact Quark Star. - Keith Andrew  
17:45  A Study of Women's Self Defense Strikes - Zachary Barnes  
17:45  Adhesion of of Au thin Films on PMMA and Other Substrates - Yvonne Kinsella  
17:45  Amino Acid Propensities for $\alpha $ to $\beta $ Secondary Structural Conversion - Norma Peña Flores  
17:45  Analysis of Mass and Radius Sensitivity of a Crystalline Quark Star to a Strong Repulsive Equation of State. - Keith Andrew  
17:45  Broadband laser excitation of van der Waals polymers in a cold atomic gas. - Jianing Han  
17:45  Building a Lock-in Amplifier for an Ionization Experiment - Mason Ruby  
17:45  Catalytic Nanofusion and Relativized Minimality. - dr-SpKJ, Andi-Asri Arief  
17:45  Characteristic Signal of Neutron-Antineutron Oscillation in Argon Nuclei at DUNE. - Joshua Barrow  
17:45  Characterization of an Extremophile Based Chlorophyll Raman Threshold Signal in Martian Regolith Simulant as a Potential Astrobiological Agent - Keith Andrew  
17:45  Comparing the spatial distributions of HMXBs and star-forming regions in the Small Magellanic Cloud - Ryan Agnew  
17:45  Compton Effect - Chace Covington  
17:45  Computation in Physics: Resources and Support - Larry Engelhardt  
17:45  Cores in Clumps - An ALMA view of a forming massive cluster - Yu Cheng  
17:45  Determining Vsin(i) of Young Planet-hosting Stars - Jennifer Medina  
17:45  Development of Brain Phantom for Neuromodulation and Neuroimaging - Ciro Alcoba Serrate  
17:45  Development of a Prototype Calorimeter for Hall D at JLab - Joshua Crafts  
17:45  Diffusive Dynamics on a Network - Madhurima Nath  
17:45  Diffusive Phase Change Model of Twitter Information in the Context of a Cusp Catastrophe. - Keith Andrew  
17:45  Effect of Anatomical Variability in Brain on Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Treatment - Farheen Syeda  
17:45  Effect of Confinement of Nanosphere Assemblies for Lasing Applications. - Clayton Allison  
17:45  Effects of the passing of a caustic ring through the solar neighborhood - Sankha Subhra Chakrabarty  
17:45  Electric Field Effect on the Magnetic Order in Multiferroic LuMnO$_{\mathrm{3}}$ - Chunruo Duan  
17:45  Electrical Characterization of CdZnTe-based Radiation Detectors at Extreme Temperatures. - Stephen Babalola  
17:45  Electronic Structure Calculations of Iron-doped Zinc Selenide - Evan Garrison  
17:45  Electronics upgrade studies of ECAL in CMS Experiment at the LHC - Matthew Joyce  
17:45  Enhancement of $\beta $-phase in PVDF films embedded with ferromagnetic Gd$_{\mathrm{5}}$Si$_{\mathrm{4}}$ nanoparticles for piezoelectric energy harvesting - Shane Harstad  
17:45  Enhancement of Second Harmonic Generation by Localized Surface Resonance Plasmons - Alexander Allen  
17:45  Entropy of Exciton Formation in 2D Atomic Layer Transition Metal Dichalcogenides - Quinton Rice  
17:45  Feedback Loops in Ultrasensitive Cascades - Syed Jibran Haider  
17:45  Fermi-LAT daily monitoring observations of the microquasar Cygnus X-1 - Stephen Hood  
17:45  Ferro-lattice-distortions in Bismuth Sulfide Superconductors - Anushika Athauda  
17:45  Fluorescence of Erbium Dopant in CsCl-Ga-Ge-S glasses for IR applications - Jonathan Bunton  
17:45  Fluorescence of Pd-doped Ti:CMAS glass and glass-ceramics - Laura Nichols  
17:45  Functionality of Chloroform Treatment to Improve Adhesion of Deposited Au Thin Films on PMMA - Louis Royo Romero  
17:45  Georgia College Raspberry Busch - Taylor O. Huffington  
17:45  Group Halo Mass and Galactic Disk Evolution in the RESOLVE Survey - Kate Kushner  
17:45  Illustris-Simulated Major Merger Galaxy Pairs at z$=$0 - Alice Jacques  
17:45  In Situ Characterization of Optically Transparent Polymer and Dye pH Sensing Films - Daniela Topasna  
17:45  Interstellar extinction in the direction of six open clusters - Gregory Topasna  
17:45  Investigations of Low-Cost, High-Precision Optical Measurements - Steven Stetzler  
17:45  Kinetics of Photo-Response of Arsenic Sulphide Thin Films - Josh Allen  
17:45  Linear Spectral Shift Determination of Hydrated Metallic Sulfates in Martian Regolith Simulant JSC Mars-1 - Keith Andrew  
17:45  Magnetic Field Table Approximations using Chebyshev Polynomials - Paul Ellison  
17:45  Measuring the top-Higgs coupling at CMS - Evan Wolfe  
17:45  Medium's Properties Influence the Redshifting / Blushifting and Lensing - Florentin Smarandache  
17:45  Micro Penning Trap for Continuous Magnetic Field Monitoring in High Radiation Environments - Javiera Latorre  
17:45  Milliseconds~Difference between Recorded Arrival Signals by Detectors in LIGO as the Observable Factor for Time Fluxes which Arise by Momentum - Hassan Gholibeigian  
17:45  Neutrosophic Magnetic Field - Florentin Smarandache  
17:45  On the Modelling and Measurement of Dwarf Galaxy Tucana III - Brandon Buncher  
17:45  Optical Properties of Plasmon-coupled CuInS$_{\mathrm{2}}$ and CuInS$_{\mathrm{2}}$/ZnS Quantum Dots - Quinton Rice  
17:45  Optimized simulations of Olami-Feder-Christensen systems using parallel algorithms - Eric Montag  
17:45  Optimizing MCMC Method for Reaction Cross Section Calculations - Keiti Rueter  
17:45  Plasmon-coupled CdSe Quantum Dots for White LEDs - Quinton Rice  
17:45  Polarity Change of Nonlinear Absorption between Monolayer and Bilayer/Multilayer - Tikaram Neupane  
17:45  Polarization effects in $Z \gamma$ resonance searches with boosted jets - Abasi Brown  
17:45  Preliminary Accelerated Aging Studies for the Mu2e Cosmic Ray Veto System - Tyler Lam  
17:45  QIE 11 Testing for the CMS Detector - Shaun Hogan  
17:45  Ray optics method for tracking of hydrogel particles and its applications in erosion experiments - Stella Wang  
17:45  Reduction of four-wave mixing using Raman Absorption in Rubidium Vapor - Nikunjkumar Prajapati  
17:45  Residual stress analysis with Opto-Acoustic Method. - Fumiya Miura  
17:45  Resolving the Mid-Infrared Population in Massive Protoclusters - Allison Towner  
17:45  Room temperature ferromagnetic Gd$_{\mathrm{5}}$Si$_{\mathrm{4}}$ nanoparticles as T2 contrast agents for MRI. - Ahmed El-Gendy  
17:45  Scaffolding Interdisciplinary Classical Mechanics using Snack Foods and Household Liquids - Chelsea Dandridge  
17:45  Scaffolding Laboratory Activities Utilizing Everyday Biological Materials, such as Eggs, Popcorn, and Common Liquids, to Demonstrate Classical Mechanics Concepts - Rebecca Skelton  
17:45  Scenario Theory (Simulated Reality Evidence) - Ahmad Reza Estakhr  
17:45  Sequence-Structure-Property Relationships in Polymeric Proteins: Thermo-optic Properties and Device Applications - Chester Szwejkowski  
17:45  Spin Coated Arsenic Selenide Thin Films: Preparation and Characterization. - Maria White  
17:45  Superlattice Formation and Charge Density Waves in TiSe$_{\mathrm{2-x}}$Te$_{\mathrm{x}}$ - Aaron Wegner  
17:45  TPC for sPHENIX: New Opportunities to Explore the Early Universe - Alexander Link  
17:45  Tailorable Dispersion in a Ring-Laser Cavity - Demetrious Kutzke  
17:45  Tensor Polarization Using a Crystal Target for Nuclear Experimentation - Yash Shevde  
17:45  The JAM Derivative - Matthew W. Pearson  
17:45  Thickness dependence of weak localization in thin films of Ni/Cr alloy - Kyle Vivian  
17:45  Undergraduate Research Experience: Electrical conductivity of novel amorphous Fe-Tb-Dy-O thin films. - Alexandra Waters  
17:45  Using Derivatives of Time's Flux with Respect to Space-time in Generalized Planck-Einstein Equation and de Broglie Wavelength Relations - Hassan Gholibeigian  
17:45  WISE Photometry of Major Merger Galaxy Pairs - Joseph Ronca  
17:45  X-Ray Diffraction: Geiger-M\"{u}ller Tube Experiments - Nicholas Tomlinson  
19:30 --- Reception and Awards Ceremony (Beams, Slack, and Pegram presentation): Chair: Mark Spraker (University of North Georgia, 2016 SESAPS Chair) ---