2016 SESAPS Conference, Charlottesville VA

chaired by Michel Pleimling (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University), Bradley Cox (University of Virginia)
from to (US/Eastern)

Rotunda photo by Todd Vance

The 83rd Annual Meeting of the Southeastern Section of the American Physical Society (SESAPS) will be held November 10-12, 2016, in Charlottesville, Virginia. Hosted by the University of Virginia Department of Physics, the conference will be held at the Onmi Hotel, at the west end of Charlottesville's pedestrian mall, about a mile from the University of Virginia grounds.

  • A block of rooms at the Omni have been reserved at a special conference rate. The group rate deadline is September 25.
  • Last day to register for the conference is November 1.

Organizing Committee Chair, Brad B. Cox (bbc2x@virginia.edu)

Program Committee Chair, Michel Pleimling (pleim@vt.edu)

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  • Wednesday, 9 November 2016
    • 16:00 - 19:00 Registration ( Lobby )
    • 19:00 - 21:00 "The Accelerating Universe": A public lecture by Nobel laureate Adam Reiss
  • Thursday, 10 November 2016
    • 07:30 - 08:30 Registration ( Lobby )
    • 08:30 - 10:30 A1. Astrophysics I, Invited Talks: The Local Group and Beyond: New Windows on Star Formation and Galaxy Evolution. Chair: Mark Whittle
      Location: West Ballroom
      • APOGEE: A New Look at the Structure, Dynamics and Evolution of the Milky Way 25'
        Speaker: Steve Majewski (University of Virginia)
      • High Resolution Studies of Star Formation in the Milky Way 25'
        Speaker: Laura Fissel (NRAO)
      • Probing Extreme Star Formation in the Local Universe with ALMA 25'
        Speaker: Kelsey Johnson (University of Virginia)
      • High redshift star formation and the assembly of the Hubble sequence 25'
        Speaker: Duncan Farrah (Virginia Tech)
    • 08:30 - 10:30 A2. Cond. Matter I, Invited Talks: Multiscale Modeling of Materials. Chair: L. Zhigilei
      Location: Salon C
      • Multiscale modeling of salt-responsive polyelectrolyte morphologies 25'
        Speaker: Yaroslava G. Yingling (NCSU)
      • Isotropic-Nematic Behaviour of Semiflexible Polymers in the Bulk and under Confinement 25'
        Speaker: Sergei Egorov (University of Virginia)
      • Multiscale Modeling in the Development of Light Weight, High Strength Carbon Nanotube Composites for Space Applications 25'
        Speaker: Kristopher E. Wise (NASA Langley)
      • Mesoscopic Simulations of Mechanical and Thermal Transport Properties of Carbon Nanotube Films 25'
        Speaker: Alexey Volkov (University of Alabama)
    • 08:30 - 10:30 A3. Jlab and TUNL Physics, Invited Talks: Chair: K. Paschke
      Location: Monroe Room
      • Latest results from the GlueX experiment 25'
        Speaker: Mark Dalton (Jefferson Lab)
      • Upcoming Solid Polarized Target Experiments at JLAB and TUNL 25'
        Speaker: Dustin Keller (University of Virginia)
      • Parity Violating Electron Scattering at JLab: The MOLLER Experiment 25'
        Speaker: Paul King (Ohio University)
      • The Weird Chemistry of Globular Cluster - Nuclear Physics to the Rescue? 25'
        Speaker: Arthur Champagne (University of North Carolina and Triangle Universities Nuclear Laboratory)
    • 08:30 - 10:30 A4: Condensed Matter Physics at ORNL and the National Magnetic Field Laboratory, Invited Talks: Chair: Giti Khodparast
      Location: Preston Room
      • Microscopic structure of Er-optical centers in GaN epilayers by high magnetic fields 25'
        Speaker: Vinh Nguyen (Virginia Tech)
      • Evidence for impact ionization in vanadium dioxide 25'
        Speaker: Stephen McGill (National High Magnetic Field Laboratory)
      • Probing Giant Magnetic Anisotropies in Molecular Nanomagnets Using Very High-Field EPR 25'
        Speaker: Stephen Hill (National High Magnetic Field Laboratory)
      • Probing Electronic Properties of Defects and Boundaries in Low-Dimensional Materials. 25'
        Speaker: An-Ping Li (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
    • 10:30 - 10:45 Coffee Break
    • 10:45 - 12:45 B1: Astrophysics I, Contributed Talks: Star Formation and Galaxy Evolution. Chair: Kelsey Johnson
      Location: West Ballroom
      • Distinct Metal-Poor Populations in the Milky Way Seen by APOGEE 2'
        Speaker: Christian Hayes
      • Exploring the Evolutionary Stages of Massive Star Formation 12'
        Speaker: Mengyao Liu
      • The ALMA View of Dense Molecular Gas in 30 Doradus 12'
        Speaker: Lauren Bittle
      • Galactic Winds Driven by Supernovae and Radiation Pressure 12'
        Speaker: Dong Zhang
      • The Star Formation in Radio Survey (SFRS): Multi-Band VLA Imaging for 50 Nearby Star-Forming Galaxies in SINGS/KINGFISH 12'
        Speaker: Sean Linden
      • The Distribution of Star Formation in Interacting Dwarf Galaxies 12'
        Speaker: Sandra Liss
      • The efficiency of star formation in the Antennae galaxies 12'
        Speaker: Allison Matthews
      • Probing the distant Universe with ALMA and gravitational lensing 12'
        Speaker: Catherine Vlahakis
    • 10:45 - 12:45 B2: Cond. Matter I, Contributed Talks: Nanoscale Systems. Chair: Shengfen Cheng
      Location: Salon C
    • 10:45 - 12:45 B3: Jefferson Lab Physics, Contributed Talks: Chair: Xiaochao Zheng
      Location: Monroe Room
      • Polarized Electron Source for the MOLLER Experiment 15'
        Speaker: Caryn Palatchi
      • A New Strangeness Fit to World Parity-Violating Electron Scattering Data 15'
        Speaker: Benjamin Gilbert
      • Experimental study of the $^3$He and neutron spin structure at low $Q^2$ using a polarized $^3$He target 15'
        Speaker: Nguyen Ton
      • Predictions for 5.02A TeV Pb$+$Pb Collisions from A Multi-Phase Transport Model 15'
        Speaker: Zi-Wei Lin
      • Calculation of coalescence parameters in Monte Carlo models 15'
        Speaker: Tony Perez
      • Photomultiplier gain versus high voltage measurements for the SuperBigBite spectrometer electronic calorimeter. 15'
        Speaker: William Shaver
    • 10:45 - 12:45 B4: Condensed Matter Physics at ORNL and the National Magnetic Field Laboratory, Contributed Talks: Chair: Michel Pleimling
      Location: Preston Room
    • 12:45 - 13:30 Lunch
    • 13:30 - 15:30 C1: Energy Frontier, Invited Talks: Atlas, CMS, Alice, Theory. Chair: B. Cox
      Location: West Ballroom
    • 13:30 - 15:30 C2: Cond. Matter II, Invited Talks: Topological Insulators. Chair: J. Poon
      Location: Salon C
      • Conductance of a superconducting Coulomb blockade nanowire at finite temperature 25'
        Speaker: Ching-Kai Chiu (University of Maryland)
      • Spin filtering using PN junctions in topological insulators 25'
        Speaker: Avik Ghosh (University of Virginia)
      • Topological strings and fractional pumping in superconductors 25'
        Speaker: Jeffrey Teo (University of Virginia)
      • Unconventional superconductivity in bilayer transition metal dichalcogenides 25'
        Speaker: Chaoxing Liu (Pennsylvania State University)
    • 13:30 - 15:30 C3: Cond. Matter VI, Invited Talks: New Developments in Superconductivity. Chair: Utpal Chatterjee
      Location: Monroe Room
      • Magnetic States in Singlet-Triplet Superconducting Heterostructures 25'
        Speaker: Ilya Vekhter (Louisiana State University)
      • Entanglement Control of Superconducting Qubits 25'
        Speaker: Sophia Economou (Virginia Tech)
      • Vortex States in a Non-Abelian Magnetic Field 25'
        Speaker: Predrag Nikolic (George Mason University)
      • [CANCELED] Spatial inhomogeneities in the Fe chalcogenide superconductors 25'
        Speaker: Despina Louca (University of Virginia)
    • 13:30 - 15:30 C4: Applied Physics, Contributed Talks: Chair: Michel Pleimling
      Location: Preston Room
    • 15:30 - 15:45 Coffee Break
    • 15:45 - 17:45 D1: Energy Frontier, Contributed Talks: Chair: C. Neu
      Location: West Ballroom
    • 15:45 - 17:45 D2: Metamagnetism, Invited Talks: Chair: Bellave Shivaram
      Location: Salon C
      • Mott Transition Sensitive to External Stimuli in Ruthenates 25'
        Speaker: Zhiqiang Mao (Tulane University)
      • Harnessing the f-electron valence in ThCr$_{\mathrm{2}}$Si$_{\mathrm{2}}$-type compounds 25'
        Speaker: Ryan Baumbach (National High Magnetic Field Laboratory)
      • Unusual Magnetic-Pressure Response of an $S=1$ Antiferromagnetic Linear-Chain near the $D/J \approx 1$ Critical Point $^{\ast}$ 25'
        Speaker: Mark W. Meisel (University of Florida)
      • Metamagnetism in Heavy Electron Materials and Correlated Oxides 25'
        Speaker: Bellave Shivaram (University of Virginia)
    • 15:45 - 17:45 D3: Cond. Matter VI, Contributed Talks: Chair: Michel Pleimling
      Location: Monroe Room
    • 15:45 - 17:45 D4: Astronomy, Contributed Talks: Chair: Craig Sarazin
      Location: Preston Room
      • Rotation of the polarization vector from distant radio galaxies in the perturbed FRW metric 12'
        Speaker: Sankha Subhra Chakrabarty
      • Estakhr's Continuum Astrophysics, Big Bang's Hydrodynamics and Turbulence (Fluid dynamics nature of Big Bang's remnant) 12'
        Speaker: Ahmad Reza Estakhr
      • Cosmic Ray Muons in the Standard Model of Fundamental Particles 12'
        Speaker: Cioli Barazandeh
      • The Range of a Potential 12'
        Speaker: Ronal Mickens
      • Counterfactual History is Consistent with Physics 12'
        Speaker: Charmayne Patterson
      • Dark Astronomical Compact Objects in Inflationary Dark Matter Model 20'
        Speaker: Dat Duong
    • 17:30 - 19:15 Happy Hour, Sponsored by the Center for Open Science ( TBA )
    • 17:45 - 18:45 Executive Committee Meeting
      Location: Preston Room
    • 19:30 - 22:00 Banquet: Chair: Brad Cox
      SESAPS 2016 Banquet Program
      Introduction by Brad Cox, UVa Professor
      of Physics and Organizing Committee Chair
      Welcome from the University by
      Thomas Katsouleas, Vice President
      and Provost, UVa
      Welcome from the UVa Physics Department
      by Joseph Poon, Chairman
      After Dinner Presentation by Joseph Giaime, Observatory Head, LIGO Livingston 
      Observatory and Professor of Physics and Astronomy, LSU
      • Gravitational waves in the southeast 20'
        Speaker: Joe Giaime (Observatory Head, LIGO Livingston (Caltech), Professor of Physics and Astronomy (LSU))
  • Friday, 11 November 2016
    • 08:30 - 10:30 F1: Astrophysics II, Invited Talks: Planets, Exoplanets, and Protoplanetary Disks. Chair: Robert E. Johnson
      Location: West Ballroom
      • NASA's New Horizons Mission: To Pluto and Beyond 25'
        Speaker: Anne Verbiscer (University of Virginia)
      • Molecular Escape from Planetary Atmospheres: Insights from Cassini (Titan) and New Horizons (Pluto) 25'
        Speaker: O.J. Tucker (University of Michigan)
      • The Remarkable Proto-planetary Disk HL Tau: Watching the Formation of Planets 25'
        Speaker: Crystal Brogan (National Radio Astronomy Observatory)
      • The Super-Earths and their Challenge to Planet Formation Theories 25'
        Speaker: Jonathan Tan (University of Florida)
    • 08:30 - 10:30 F2: Cond. Matter III, Invited Talks: Transport in Condensed Matter. Chair: Patrick Hopkins
      Location: Salon C
      • Novel approach for high ZT Thermoelectric Materials 25'
        Speaker: Helmut Baumgart (Old Dominion University)
      • Potential of Layered Materials for Thermionic Devices: a First-principles Study 25'
        Speaker: Keivan Esfarjani (University of Virginia)
      • Nanoscale Thermal Transport in Polymers 25'
        Speaker: Zhiting Tian (Virginia Tech)
      • Donor doped cadmium oxide: An extreme-mobility oxide conductor 25'
        Speaker: Jon-Paul Maria (North Carolina State University)
    • 08:30 - 10:30 F3: Tests of the Standard Model, Invited Talks: Chair: Dinko Pocanic
      Location: Monroe Room
    • 08:30 - 10:30 F4: Atomic, Molecular, and Atomic Physics, Invited Talks: Chair: J. Yukich
      Location: Preston Room
      • Record-scale Entanglement of Quantum Fields for Measurement-based Quantum Computing 25'
        Speaker: Olivier Pfister (University of Virginia)
      • The World's Smallest Extreme Laboratories: Probing QED with Highly Charged Ions. 25'
        Speaker: Joan Marler (Clemson University)
      • Multi-coincidence Imaging the Disssociative States of the H20 Dication 25'
        Speaker: Allen Landers (Auburn University)
      • Quantum Information with Trapped Ions 25'
        Speaker: Ken Brown (Georgia Tech)
    • 10:30 - 10:45 Coffee Break
    • 10:45 - 12:45 G1: Astrophysics II, Contributed Talks: Planets and Exoplanets. Chair: Phil Arras
      Location: West Ballroom
    • 10:45 - 12:45 G2: Cond. Matter III, Contributed Talks: Films and Surfaces. Chair: Michel Pleimling
      Location: Salon C
      • Parallel Upper Critical Field Slope in Niobium Thin Films: Comparison to Theory 12'
        Speaker: Phillip Broussard
      • Experimental and Modeling Study of Thickness Dependence of Amorphous TbFeCo Compensation 12'
        Speaker: Xiaopu Li
      • Mircomagnetic Simulation of Ferrimagnetic TbFeCo Films with Exchange Coupled Nanophases. 12'
        Speaker: Chung Ma
      • Relaxation dynamics of interacting skyrmions in thin films 12'
        Speaker: Bart Brown
      • Photostructural changes as a function of photon energy and intensity in thermally deposited As-S thin films 12'
        Speaker: Justin Oelgoetz
      • Selective Electroless Nickel Deposition on PMMA using Chloroform Pre-Treatment 12'
        Speaker: Nicholas Sipes
      • Laser Shock Wave Assisted Patterning on NiTi Shape Memory Alloy Surfaces 12'
        Speaker: Byron Grant
      • Surface characterization of pipeline surface using replica techniques 12'
        Speaker: Hamza Shams
      • Studying Crystalline Morphology and Texture of Small Molecule Organic Semiconductor Thin Films Using Polarized Optical Microscopy, Grazing-Incidence X-Ray Diffraction and Fluid Dynamics 12'
        Speaker: Nan Yang
    • 10:45 - 12:45 G3: Tests of the Standard Model, Contributed Talks: Chair: Stefan S. Baessler
      Location: Monroe Room
      • An Investigation of Light Ion Production from Coalescence in Nuclear Collisions 15'
        Speaker: Wouter de Wet
      • Measuring the after pulsing of photomultiplier tubes. 15'
        Speaker: Eric Moeller
      • Measuring the relative quantum efficiency of photomultiplier tubes. 15'
        Speaker: William Kemmerer
      • A Proton Radius Puzzle? 15'
        Speaker: Blaine Norum
      • Probe of Electroweak Interference Effects in Non-Resonant Inelastic $\vec{e}p$ Scattering 15'
        Speaker: James Dowd
      • Precision measurement of longitudinal and transverse response function of quasielastic electron scattering in the momentum transfer range 0.55 GeV/c $\leq |\vec{q}| \leq$ 1.0 GeV/c 15'
        Speaker: Kai Jin
      • Neutron Beta Decay Studies in the Nab Experiment 15'
        Speaker: Jason Fry
      • Background studies for neutron beta decay experiments 15'
        Speaker: Noah Birge
    • 10:45 - 12:45 G4: Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics, Contributed Talks: Chair: C. Sackett
      Location: Preston Room
      • An experimental determination of quantum defects of ng and nh series for Rb 12'
        Speaker: Jeonghun Lee
      • Dipole-dipole Resonance Line Shapes in a Cold Rydberg Gas 12'
        Speaker: B.G. Richards
      • Observed cyclotron structure in photodetachment to excited states of the O atom 12'
        Speaker: John Yukich
      • Measurements of radially and temporally distributed laser-induced plasma parameters 12'
        Speaker: Ghaneshwar Gautam
      • Phase dependent excitation of Rydberg states in static fields. 12'
        Speaker: Eric Magnuson
      • Characterizing the perturbed 6snd series of Ytterbium using MW spectroscopy 12'
        Speaker: Fathima Niyaz
      • High-precision measurements of the $^{87}$Rb vector polarizability 12'
        Speaker: Adam Fallon
      • Tomographic characterization of an atom trapping potential 12'
        Speaker: Edward Moan
      • Characterization of nano-level coefficient of friction of oleophobic and superhydrophobic coatings on 316L SS in harsh conditions 12'
        Speaker: Hamza Shams
    • 12:45 - 13:30 Lunch
    • 13:30 - 15:30 H1: Intensity Frontier, Invited Talks: Neutrinos. Chair: Jon Link
      Location: West Ballroom
      • Update on Neutrino Astrophysics 25'
        Speaker: Tom Weiler (Vanderbilt University)
      • Review of Long-Baseline Neutrino Experiments 25'
        Speaker: Thomas Kutter (Louisiana State University)
      • Quest for the Nature of the Neutrino 25'
        Speaker: Reyco Henning (University of North Carolina)
      • The Supernova Neutrino Burst 25'
        Speaker: JJ Cherry (Virginia Tech)
    • 13:30 - 15:30 H2: Cond. Matter IV, Invited Talks: Surfaces and Interfaces. Chair: Petra Reinke
      Location: Salon C
      • Interfacial Engineering and Characterization in Polar/Non-Polar Oxide Heterostructures 25'
        Speaker: Ryan Comes (Auburn University)
      • Local Probe Investigation of Interfaces in 2D Materials 25'
        Speaker: Chenggang Tao (Virginia Tech)
      • Designing interfaces for Spin Injection into Organic Molecular Solids: A Surface Science Approach 25'
        Speaker: Daniel Dougherty (NC State)
      • Exploring Pd adsorption, diffusion, and nucleation on bilayer SiO$_{\mathrm{2}}$/Ru as a function of hydroxylation and precursor environment: From UHV to catalyst preparation 25'
        Speaker: William Kaden (University of Central Florida)
    • 13:30 - 15:30 H3: Hot and Cold QCD, Invited Talks: Chair: Nadia Fomin
      Location: Monroe Room
    • 13:30 - 15:30 H4: Hadronic Physics, Invited Talks: Chair: Simonetta Liuti
      Location: Preston Room
      • Comparison of the F2 Structure Function in Iron as Measured by Charged Lepton and Neutrino Probes 25'
        Speaker: Narbe Kalantarians (Virginia Union University)
      • Understanding Hadronization from SIDIS 25'
        Speaker: Osvaldo Gonzalez Hernandez (Old Dominion University and Jefferson Lab)
      • Large-x Structure Function Data from Jefferson Lab 25'
        Speaker: Peter Monaghan (Jefferson Lab)
      • Measuring the Transverse Proton Structure with SoLID 25'
        Speaker: Tianbo Liu
    • 15:30 - 15:45 Coffee Break
    • 15:45 - 17:45 J1: Intensity Frontier, Contributed Talks: Chair: Craig Group
      Location: West Ballroom
      • Pion Charge Exchange Cross Section on Liquid Argon 15'
        Speaker: Kevin Nelson
      • Geant4 Monte Carlo Simulations of PEN Experiment 15'
        Speaker: Charles Glaser
      • [CANCELED] Comparison of two methods of parallelizing GEANT4 on beowulf computer cluster 15'
        Speaker: Seth Hulsey
      • Simulations and Fitting Methods in the Nab Experiment 15'
        Speaker: Wenjiang Fan
      • Developing a Shielding Model for the n, n-bar Experimental Beamline at the European Spallation Source 15'
        Speaker: Caleb Redding
      • Initial studies of GaInP based Geiger mode APD arrays 15'
        Speaker: Victoria Kovalchuk
      • Performance characteristics of GaInP based Geiger mode APD arrays 15'
        Speaker: Grace Cummings
    • 15:45 - 17:45 J2: Technologies in Particle Physics and Astronomy, Invited Talks: Chair: Bob Hirosky
      Location: Salon C
    • 15:45 - 17:45 J3: Nuclear Physics in the SE, Contributed Talks: Chair: Nilanga Liyanage
      Location: Monroe Room
      • Systematic Uncertainties of the Firez Interference Term in the Free Neutron Beta Decay of the Nab Experiment 15'
        Speaker: Huangxing Li
      • Study of Polarized $^3$He Performance in Tokamak Fuel Pellets 15'
        Speaker: Jie Liu
      • Effect of Thermal Treatment on Electrical Properties of CZT Detectors 15'
        Speaker: Jonathan Lassiter
      • Searching for the Impetus of the EMC Effect. 15'
        Speaker: Jason Bane
      • Design and Simulation of a Polarized Pure Photon Source for Compton Scattering from Solid Polarized Targets 15'
        Speaker: Donal Day
      • The model of complex structure of fundamental body and hadron 15'
        Speaker: Rongwu Liu
      • Polarized Drell-Yan Experiments 15'
        Speaker: Gonaduwage Perera
    • 15:45 - 17:45 J4: Women in Physics, Invited Talks: Chair: Rachel Yohay
      Location: NEW LOCATION: Downtown business center, suite 225
      • A Career in Physics: The Importance of Mentoring 24'
        Speaker: Gail Dodge (Old Dominion University)
      • The (quasi? pseudo?) Random Walk of a Woman Physicist on Wall Street 24'
        Speaker: Stefania Perrucci (Turner Investments)
      • ATLAS and Nut 24'
        Speaker: Ayana Arce (Duke University)
      • Life of a medical physicist 24'
        Speaker: Krishni Wijesooriya
      • TBD 24'
        Speaker: Gabriela Gonzalez (LSU)
    • 17:45 - 19:15 Poster Session: Chair: Romulus Godang
      Location: Salon B
      • 3D Printing of Plastic Scintillators 1h30'
        Speaker: Emily Vanderwolf
      • A Polarimetric Approach for Constraining the Dynamic Foreground Spectrum for the Cosmological Global 21-cm Measurement 1h30'
        Speaker: Bang Nhan
      • A QCD Model of the Chemical Potential Kaon Boundary Formation for a Compact Quark Star. 1h30'
        Speaker: Keith Andrew
      • A Study of Women's Self Defense Strikes 1h30'
        Speaker: Zachary Barnes
      • Adhesion of of Au thin Films on PMMA and Other Substrates 1h30'
        Speaker: Yvonne Kinsella
      • Amino Acid Propensities for $\alpha $ to $\beta $ Secondary Structural Conversion 1h30'
        Speaker: Norma Peña Flores
      • Analysis of Mass and Radius Sensitivity of a Crystalline Quark Star to a Strong Repulsive Equation of State. 1h30'
        Speaker: Keith Andrew
      • Broadband laser excitation of van der Waals polymers in a cold atomic gas. 1h30'
        Speaker: Jianing Han
      • Building a Lock-in Amplifier for an Ionization Experiment 1h30'
        Speaker: Mason Ruby
      • Catalytic Nanofusion and Relativized Minimality. 1h30'
        Speaker: dr-SpKJ, Andi-Asri Arief
      • Characteristic Signal of Neutron-Antineutron Oscillation in Argon Nuclei at DUNE. 1h30'
        Speaker: Joshua Barrow
      • Characterization of an Extremophile Based Chlorophyll Raman Threshold Signal in Martian Regolith Simulant as a Potential Astrobiological Agent 1h30'
        Speaker: Keith Andrew
      • Comparing the spatial distributions of HMXBs and star-forming regions in the Small Magellanic Cloud 1h30'
        Speaker: Ryan Agnew
      • Compton Effect 1h30'
        Speaker: Chace Covington
      • Computation in Physics: Resources and Support 1h30'
        Speaker: Larry Engelhardt
      • Cores in Clumps - An ALMA view of a forming massive cluster 1h30'
        Speaker: Yu Cheng
      • Determining Vsin(i) of Young Planet-hosting Stars 1h30'
        Speaker: Jennifer Medina
      • Development of Brain Phantom for Neuromodulation and Neuroimaging 1h30'
        Speaker: Ciro Alcoba Serrate
      • Development of a Prototype Calorimeter for Hall D at JLab 1h30'
        Speaker: Joshua Crafts
      • Diffusive Dynamics on a Network 1h30'
        Speaker: Madhurima Nath
      • Diffusive Phase Change Model of Twitter Information in the Context of a Cusp Catastrophe. 1h30'
        Speaker: Keith Andrew
      • Effect of Anatomical Variability in Brain on Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Treatment 1h30'
        Speaker: Farheen Syeda
      • Effect of Confinement of Nanosphere Assemblies for Lasing Applications. 1h30'
        Speaker: Clayton Allison
      • Effects of the passing of a caustic ring through the solar neighborhood 1h30'
        Speaker: Sankha Subhra Chakrabarty
      • Electric Field Effect on the Magnetic Order in Multiferroic LuMnO$_{\mathrm{3}}$ 1h30'
        Speaker: Chunruo Duan
      • Electrical Characterization of CdZnTe-based Radiation Detectors at Extreme Temperatures. 1h30'
        Speaker: Stephen Babalola
      • Electronic Structure Calculations of Iron-doped Zinc Selenide 20'
        Speaker: Evan Garrison
      • Electronics upgrade studies of ECAL in CMS Experiment at the LHC 1h30'
        Speaker: Matthew Joyce
      • Enhancement of $\beta $-phase in PVDF films embedded with ferromagnetic Gd$_{\mathrm{5}}$Si$_{\mathrm{4}}$ nanoparticles for piezoelectric energy harvesting 1h30'
        Speaker: Shane Harstad
      • Enhancement of Second Harmonic Generation by Localized Surface Resonance Plasmons 1h30'
        Speaker: Alexander Allen
      • Entropy of Exciton Formation in 2D Atomic Layer Transition Metal Dichalcogenides 1h30'
        Speaker: Quinton Rice
      • Feedback Loops in Ultrasensitive Cascades 1h30'
        Speaker: Syed Jibran Haider
      • Fermi-LAT daily monitoring observations of the microquasar Cygnus X-1 1h30'
        Speaker: Stephen Hood
      • Ferro-lattice-distortions in Bismuth Sulfide Superconductors 1h30'
        Speaker: Anushika Athauda
      • Fluorescence of Erbium Dopant in CsCl-Ga-Ge-S glasses for IR applications 1h30'
        Speaker: Jonathan Bunton
      • Fluorescence of Pd-doped Ti:CMAS glass and glass-ceramics 1h30'
        Speaker: Laura Nichols
      • Functionality of Chloroform Treatment to Improve Adhesion of Deposited Au Thin Films on PMMA 1h30'
        Speaker: Louis Royo Romero
      • Georgia College Raspberry Busch 1h30'
        Speaker: Taylor O. Huffington
      • Group Halo Mass and Galactic Disk Evolution in the RESOLVE Survey 1h30'
        Speaker: Kate Kushner
      • Illustris-Simulated Major Merger Galaxy Pairs at z$=$0 1h30'
        Speaker: Alice Jacques
      • In Situ Characterization of Optically Transparent Polymer and Dye pH Sensing Films 1h30'
        Speaker: Daniela Topasna
      • Interstellar extinction in the direction of six open clusters 1h30'
        Speaker: Gregory Topasna
      • Investigations of Low-Cost, High-Precision Optical Measurements 1h30'
        Speaker: Steven Stetzler
      • Kinetics of Photo-Response of Arsenic Sulphide Thin Films 1h30'
        Speaker: Josh Allen
      • Linear Spectral Shift Determination of Hydrated Metallic Sulfates in Martian Regolith Simulant JSC Mars-1 1h30'
        Speaker: Keith Andrew
      • Magnetic Field Table Approximations using Chebyshev Polynomials 1h30'
        Speaker: Paul Ellison
      • Measuring the top-Higgs coupling at CMS 1h30'
        Speaker: Evan Wolfe
      • Medium's Properties Influence the Redshifting / Blushifting and Lensing 1h30'
        Speaker: Florentin Smarandache
      • Micro Penning Trap for Continuous Magnetic Field Monitoring in High Radiation Environments 1h30'
        Speaker: Javiera Latorre
      • Milliseconds~Difference between Recorded Arrival Signals by Detectors in LIGO as the Observable Factor for Time Fluxes which Arise by Momentum 1h30'
        Speaker: Hassan Gholibeigian
      • Neutrosophic Magnetic Field 1h30'
        Speaker: Florentin Smarandache
      • On the Modelling and Measurement of Dwarf Galaxy Tucana III 1h30'
        Speaker: Brandon Buncher
      • Optical Properties of Plasmon-coupled CuInS$_{\mathrm{2}}$ and CuInS$_{\mathrm{2}}$/ZnS Quantum Dots 1h30'
        Speaker: Quinton Rice
      • Optimized simulations of Olami-Feder-Christensen systems using parallel algorithms 1h30'
        Speaker: Eric Montag
      • Optimizing MCMC Method for Reaction Cross Section Calculations 1h30'
        Speaker: Keiti Rueter
      • Plasmon-coupled CdSe Quantum Dots for White LEDs 1h30'
        Speaker: Quinton Rice
      • Polarity Change of Nonlinear Absorption between Monolayer and Bilayer/Multilayer 1h30'
        Speaker: Tikaram Neupane
      • Polarization effects in $Z \gamma$ resonance searches with boosted jets 1h30'
        Speaker: Abasi Brown
      • Preliminary Accelerated Aging Studies for the Mu2e Cosmic Ray Veto System 20'
        Speaker: Tyler Lam
      • QIE 11 Testing for the CMS Detector 1h30'
        Speaker: Shaun Hogan
      • Ray optics method for tracking of hydrogel particles and its applications in erosion experiments 20'
        Speaker: Stella Wang
      • Reduction of four-wave mixing using Raman Absorption in Rubidium Vapor 1h30'
        Speaker: Nikunjkumar Prajapati
      • Residual stress analysis with Opto-Acoustic Method. 1h30'
        Speaker: Fumiya Miura
      • Resolving the Mid-Infrared Population in Massive Protoclusters 1h30'
        Speaker: Allison Towner
      • Room temperature ferromagnetic Gd$_{\mathrm{5}}$Si$_{\mathrm{4}}$ nanoparticles as T2 contrast agents for MRI. 20'
        Speaker: Ahmed El-Gendy
      • Scaffolding Interdisciplinary Classical Mechanics using Snack Foods and Household Liquids 1h30'
        Speaker: Chelsea Dandridge
      • Scaffolding Laboratory Activities Utilizing Everyday Biological Materials, such as Eggs, Popcorn, and Common Liquids, to Demonstrate Classical Mechanics Concepts 1h30'
        Speaker: Rebecca Skelton
      • Scenario Theory (Simulated Reality Evidence) 1h30'
        Speaker: Ahmad Reza Estakhr
      • Sequence-Structure-Property Relationships in Polymeric Proteins: Thermo-optic Properties and Device Applications 20'
        Speaker: Chester Szwejkowski
      • Spin Coated Arsenic Selenide Thin Films: Preparation and Characterization. 1h30'
        Speaker: Maria White
      • Superlattice Formation and Charge Density Waves in TiSe$_{\mathrm{2-x}}$Te$_{\mathrm{x}}$ 1h30'
        Speaker: Aaron Wegner
      • TPC for sPHENIX: New Opportunities to Explore the Early Universe 1h30'
        Speaker: Alexander Link
      • Tailorable Dispersion in a Ring-Laser Cavity 1h30'
        Speaker: Demetrious Kutzke
      • Tensor Polarization Using a Crystal Target for Nuclear Experimentation 1h30'
        Speaker: Yash Shevde
      • The JAM Derivative 1h30'
        Speaker: Matthew W. Pearson
      • Thickness dependence of weak localization in thin films of Ni/Cr alloy 1h30'
        Speaker: Kyle Vivian
      • Undergraduate Research Experience: Electrical conductivity of novel amorphous Fe-Tb-Dy-O thin films. 1h30'
        Speaker: Alexandra Waters
      • Using Derivatives of Time's Flux with Respect to Space-time in Generalized Planck-Einstein Equation and de Broglie Wavelength Relations 1h30'
        Speaker: Hassan Gholibeigian
      • WISE Photometry of Major Merger Galaxy Pairs 1h30'
        Speaker: Joseph Ronca
      • X-Ray Diffraction: Geiger-M\"{u}ller Tube Experiments 1h30'
        Speaker: Nicholas Tomlinson
    • 19:30 - 21:00 Reception and Awards Ceremony (Beams, Slack, and Pegram presentation): Chair: Mark Spraker (University of North Georgia, 2016 SESAPS Chair) ( West Ballroom )
      This year's awards: 
      Beams: Gabriella Gonzalez, LSU
      Pegram:  Kent Price, Morehead State University
      Slack:  Cynthia Keppel, The Thomas Jefferson Nuclear Accelerator Facility
  • Saturday, 12 November 2016
    • 08:30 - 10:30 L1: Astrophysics III, Invited Talks: LIGO and other Gravity Experiments. Chair: Joe Giaime
      Location: West Ballroom
      • The Advanced LIGO Instrument, Its First Science Run and Gravitational Wave Detections 25'
        Speaker: Anamaria Effler (Caltech, LIGO Livingston)
      • Results from the first Advanced LIGO observing run and their astrophysical implications 25'
        Speaker: Tyson Littenberg (NASA/MSFC)
      • The State of Gravitational Wave Detection with Pulsar Timing Arrays 25'
        Speaker: Scott Ransom (NRAO)
      • The LISA Pathfinder: Results and Implications for LISA 25'
        Speaker: Jacob Slutsky (GSFC & UM Balt. County)
    • 08:30 - 10:30 L2: Cond. Matter V, Invited Talks: Systems Far From Equilibrium. Chair: Michel Pleimling
      Location: Salon C
      • Record Dynamics: Direct Experimental Evidence from Jammed Colloids 25'
        Speaker: Stefan Boettcher (Emory University)
      • Non-equilibrium Relaxation of Driven Topological Defects 25'
        Speaker: Uwe Tauber (Virginia Tech)
      • Metastability and Instability in a Model Spin-crossover Material: Free-energy Landscapes Explored by a Constrained Wang-Landau Monte Carlo Method 25'
        Speaker: Per Rikvold (Florida State University)
      • Noise-induced Transitions in Bistable Electronic Systems 25'
        Speaker: Stephen Teitsworth (Duke University)
    • 08:30 - 10:30 L3: Cond. Matter VII, Invited Talks: Magnetism. Chair: Puru Jena
      Location: Monroe Room
      • High Field Magneto-Optical Studies of Ferromagnetic InMnSb and InMnAs: Spin-Orbit-Split Hole Bands and g-Factors 25'
        Speaker: Giti A. Khodaparast (Virginia Tech)
      • Amorphous Magnetic Films 25'
        Speaker: Joseph Poon (University of Virginia)
      • Magnetism in Nanosystems 25'
        Speaker: Jian Zhou (VCU)
      • From materials to circuits: Multiscale modeling of nano-magnetic switches 25'
        Speaker: Avik Ghosh (University of Virginia)
    • 08:30 - 10:55 L4: Physics Education, Invited Talks: Chair: John Simonetti
      Location: Preston Room
    • 10:30 - 10:45 Coffee Break
    • 10:45 - 12:45 M1: Astrophysics III, Contributed Talks: Gravity in Astrophysics. Chair: Scott Ransom
      Location: West Ballroom
    • 10:45 - 12:45 M2: Cond. Matter V, Contributed Talks: Statistical and Nonlinear Systems: Chair: Uwe Tauber
      Location: Salon C
      • Flux line dynamics following current quenches in disordered type-II superconductors1 12'
        Speaker: Harshwardhan Chaturvedi
      • The effect of particle shape on granular flow 12'
        Speaker: Eli Owens
      • Aging properties of Voter models 12'
        Speaker: Ahmadreza Azizi
      • Evaporation of Water in Hydrophobic Confinement 12'
        Speaker: Mohsen Ghasemi
      • Aging in a system composed of Kuramoto oscillators 12'
        Speaker: Shadi Esmaeili
      • Ligand-receptor binding kinetics in surface plasmon resonance cells: A Monte Carlo analysis 12'
        Speaker: Jacob Carroll
      • A numerical study of coarsening in the two-dimensional complex Ginzburg-Landau equation 12'
        Speaker: Weigang Liu
      • Computational study of a multi-species predator-prey system in the presence of mutation and natural selection 12'
        Speaker: Sheng Chen
      • A Field-Theoretic Analysis Of A Cyclic Predator-Prey System (May-Leonard Model) 12'
        Speaker: Shannon R. Serrao